Career counselors, Psychologists and Mentors

The upcoming time demands the most from the student as well as the working community, leaving very little space for mental rest. Career counselors, psychologists and mentors are of greater importance to these people and we at YoungSkilledIndia provide a gateway for them to meet these professionals. Counselors are benefited as this can open a path for personalized mentor ship and their various achievements and courses can also be shared among the followers. YSI ID makes it possible for the needy ones to reach the counselors and get the best answers to their queries. For those facing difficulty due to stress related issues, they can find and follow psychologists and send a personal inquiry to them. The psychologists are able to reach a multitude of people and can directly communicate and advise them on remedial measures.

  1. Counselling– They can directly counsel the candidates on the public counselling forum.
  1. Increase Follower– Increasing followers allow counselors to gain popularity as a counselor.
  1. Post regular updates– Any news feed or updates can be posted from time to time.
  1. Find Candidates– Can search candidates who need counseling and other courses which counselors can provide.
  2. Solve Personal Inquiry– Can also help clarify personal queries for better earning.
  1. Provide Courses – Can provide courses to the needy ones with a minimal cost so that needy get the personalized solution from a high profile candidate.
  1. Searched by People– After providing counseling he can be searched by the people.


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