Coaching centers and YoungSkilledIndia

Coaching centers can search for concerned people based on their professional identities and offer new admissions based on the profile. They can also share their professional identities with other users. They can also post achievements, announcements, admissions, important notices etc. and can also provide counselling as well as helpline services. They can also stay in touch with their alumni and follow them. They can also pinpoint targeted candidates for admissions.

  1. Find targeted candidates – Can search candidates who need coaching and can directly contact the candidates.
  1. Alumni student connection ā€“ Can be in contact with their ex-students for lifetime to minimize the gap between the two fraternities, students and alumni so that that the mutual interaction between them acts as the bridge for the success of the coaching centers.
  1. Share important notice ā€“ Regular updates and news regarding admissions, new recruitment of teachers etc. can be shared.
  1. Counselling – The experts in coaching can guide the students for future related career perspectives.
  1. Post admission information ā€“ Updates of seats availability and deadlines.
  1. Post announcements– Any special event organized by coaching centers for spreading the names of the coaching.
  1. Post achievements– Achievements of the coaching centers and its students can be posted resulting in better ranking of the coaching centers.
  1. Searched by people – If you are on our portal then you can easily be searched by students who are in dire need of coaching.

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