YoungSkilledIndia for Freshers

Fresh college pass outs are in the crucial phase of job hunting, where necessary skills along with the boon of networking make the difference. The task of arriving at their dream jobs is made easier with YoungSkilledIndia, for they are connected with professional mentors, counselors, teachers and employers, who provide them with the best alternatives and options, for example, undertaking courses for jobs such as Govt., Corporate, Local, Part-time etc. and checking out for examination updates.

  1. Search Jobs– Can search jobs easily by applying the filters as location, type of job, field, industry etc.
  1. Mentor-ship– They even work as a mentor and can earn by mutual dealing with the candidate who needs mentor ship for improving their inherent talent and for preventing a financial
  1. Counselling– Can give your knowledge to the needy ones by helping then in our counseling forum.
  1. Courses– Can learn courses from over 40k courses available via, Udemy, Microsoft, Cisco to enhance their knowledge.
  1. Networking– Can create a healthy network among their peers, teachers, friends anyone who is on our portal.
  1. Training/Coaching– Can easily get information of coaching located near their area and also judge which is best for him by reading reviews or by getting connected to students who are already enrolled in the coaching.
  1. Searched by Provider– Can’t ignore the fact that provider needs us more than we need the provider. Provider can spot you by seeing your profile directly and by your activities i.e. participation in career counseling forum or any other event.
  1. Competitive Exam Updates– Can directly get information regarding the dates of various competitive exams and also reading materials for that.
  1. Follow Teacher/Mentor– Can follow your teacher so that you can easily get help anytime in various aspect.

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