YoungSkilledIndia for Students

College students are generally in a constant frenzy, pursuing their career goals and opportunities to improve skills to keep pace with the current prerequisites. YoungSkilledIndia provides them a unique platform where they can network with the professional community and find the best choice befitting their interest, in accordance with their professional identities. They can look for mentorship, counselling and follow updates from training centers, alumni, fellow students, colleges, internships, jobs (Govt., Corporate, Local and Part Time), competitive examinations, courses etc.

  1. Follow Teacher – Follow their school teachers as well as other teachers on the platform, for regular communication, help, guidance and tips.
  1. Mentorship ā€“ Students can also go for a mentorship program and even work as a mentor and can earn by mutual dealing with the candidate who needs mentorship for improving their inherent talent in the field in which you think your expertise lies in.
  1. Counselling ā€“ An easy knowledge-sharing platform to the needy ones by helping them in our counseling forum.
  1. Coaching– Can easily get information of coaching locating near their area and also judge which is best for him by reading reviews of the connected students who are already enrolled in the coaching.
  1. Courses– Can learn courses for getting more chance of selection in placement
  1. Updates from Colleges– can get information what is going in other colleges so that they can involve in those activities too.
  1. Connect with Alumni/Students– Alumina network is very must for college students for better job searching, interns, and other career related issue.

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