YoungSkilledIndia for Teachers

Through YoungSkilledIndia, teachers can network with the student’s fraternity, including alumni, and share information regarding courses, examinations, or provide mentorship to those who are in need of the same. This way they can stay up-to-date regarding the achievements of their old pupils, in turn making way for constructive development, both for the benefit of themselves and the institute.

  1. Become a Mentor – Provides mentorship to needy.
  1. Locate Target Audience – Search students who wish to learn.
  1. Provide Courses – Give offline and online courses to their students.
  1. Searched by People –Anyone can search them for connection or getting tuition etc.
  1. Connect with Students – Can connect to their students for future.
  1. Increase Follower– For better reach can also increase your followers, yet again enhancing your network.
  1. Post Regular Updates – Post any update related to academics, professional network building and any out-of-the-box idea.

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