It is clarity and smart work which is required to crack UPSC Exam- Ashish Kumar

Words from Mr. Ashish Kumar, Director of RAU Study Center, a well known UPSC Examination coaching center addressing his experience related to students and their difficulties. #AaoKhudBhiDigitalHoJaye1.jpg

“When it comes to UPSC Examination preparation, it is not how many hours you spend studying which is really important where as how you cover your syllabus as well as how much clarity you have over it. General studies pertains major part of the syllabus. If student can study and have a clear understanding on NCERT topics from Social Sciences of classes 6th to 12th then he could cover rest of the syllabus with ease. Students generally miss basic concepts as they are in a hurry to cover a lot of content and literature.

One should be a good an Essayist, an Orator and a listener to crack UPSC Examination. Which degree he possess doesn’t matter until he possess a clarity over the entire subject. It is also important to have a good analytical point of view to correlate various issues mainly last two years current affairs. To achieve this one of the best method is prepare his own notes.

Your motivation should come within yourself rather than from your external forces. Gaudiness play an important role in this. He should not put any pressure as well as show a proper path with his guidance.

People opt to UPSC Examinations after their PG which is not preferable. If one could choose his path from high school and strategist his coming three to four years then that student can achieve anything.

Students don’t need to do handwork when he could adopt to smart work. If he could revise two hours at night what he read all day that would be really helpful in long term.

Rau Institute focuses on bringing out student’s talent within to understand and study various topics by his own rather over spoon feeding. Institute has facilitated open library for students and faculty availability from 7:30am to 8:30pm. Facilities for group discussion and other related events.

Students miss their path in between as soon as some difficulty and gets distracted and provides a great platform to put up doubts related to personal life as well as studies. YoungSkilledIndia also connects people all over India to interact and create a positive learning atmosphere.

Students should have a clarity and act accordingly to have success. All the best to all the students in achieving their own dreams.”

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