Reasons why women in India are unemployed, even after being educated!

Swami Vivekananda once said that ‘education is the manifestation of perfection present in man’, this perfection present in everybody needs to reach its maturity, it doesn’t comes to us as a gift but we are to attain it. Education is a much used and even maligned word. It is thought of as the studies carried out through classroom teaching and books followed by an exam, thus securing a certificate or a degree and is considered to be the end of education. But what we often forget that education is much more than just schooling or college, getting a degree is not the end but what comes next is how we utilize it, the purpose of education is making a proper usage out of it. In India literacy rate is at 74.04% in that youth literacy rate is 81.1% these numbers reflects a good amount of education (degree) owned by people. Among them 86% are boys and 72% are girls. In a developing country like India 72% of girls getting educated could be seen as a positive sign of development, but what next? As we know degree is not the end of education and these percentages are only based on the number of people passing high school. Out of those 72% girls only half of them are getting towards higher education, rest are simply framing their degrees making it a show piece.

Employment is a need or way of survival in today’s growing world, but sadly unemployment is a problem not only in India but in many other developing countries. Unfortunately it is more serious in India in view of widespread of poverty. It is not only due to lack of qualification but, leaving the unskilled Ines even for the skilled people there are not enough jobs. In this chaos of unemployment women are being widely affected. Now as we see that education ratio has increased in these past few years there is definitely a change in society regarding the status of women. Still when it comes to employment the ratio falls poorly and possibly it fails to shock anyone anymore. From India’s census data and government surveys conducted by various agencies it has been established that in urban areas to every 54.6 employed men there were just 14.7 working women. So what are the reasons that even after being properly educated, women are unemployed? So sticking to the topic let us look at these following points which could be the reason behind the demolishment of women.

  1. As we know that most of the women in our country are highly educated and even are capable of securing a job for themselves, but it’s a fact that they are not paid enough ‘ and this arises a feeling of discrimination against the male colleagues with same experience getting paid more. In India there is an average gender pay gap of at least30% amongst casual workers. There are a lot of examples if this in our society as the best one could the seen in our Bollywood film industry, many of the senior actresses are paid less compared to the male actors. This inequity causes an unfavorable state and this leads many of the working women to quit their job as they don’t find it suitable enough for their qualification.

  1. The most common reason for not having being employed is not being quailed enough to secure a job, as many of the girls are getting a dead end degree, which is having a degree of no use. Only a graduation certificate won’t help in getting a genuine job. The reason women are not getting higher education is ‘early marriage ‘ 18 is considered an age for girls to get married and that’s what most commonly being practiced. It is noted that in states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and some other northern states girls who just passed graduation are put into marriage therefore ending their careers.

  1. After reading the above reason, it needs to be focused on those women who even after getting married plans to get a job and luckily gets one. But then soon they are in a state of quitting their jobs. As in India having a the second largest population the “fertility rate” is very high, and for every child a women has it significantly decreases her likelihood of working .This is why family planning services are so important. Although India has three months paid maternity leave still many women get fired when they become pregnant.

  1. Next important reason is an inadequate college system that brings out thousand of graduates every year but are not capable of providing placements. Also half of the colleges are not even making their students have some job oriented skills and they end up unemployed. Alone in Uttar Pradesh there are4849 colleges, but only 1000 of them are providing proper employment. This is a matter of development which needs not to be overlooked, as not only by building faculties or colleges would help in employment. This is also a cause for many women immigrating abroad for better opportunity; in a report by World Bank India was placed on third place in the world in terms of brain drain.

  1. Even after discussing these reasons there are clique of girls who themselves have no desire to exert oneself, and this is the very primary reason for girls not getting employed. They have no desire in developing a career or have no interest in elevating their personality. These are the girls coming under the category, where their degrees serve as a subject of qualification in their bio data.

  1. In most of the developing countries, including India women are not free to pursue a profession like truck or cab driving, these works are considered to be man oriented and this mentality prevents women from having such professions. Most commonly what we see on streets are street foods, and these street foods are generally run by men. Here also women are restricted from working on a food corner or having a food truck. There are certain places or jobs which are not fit for women in our country, hence reducing the employment rate.

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