A talk with Amresh Pandey


Everything is inspiring to him, nature loving.

As he said- Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. He takes inspiration from everything.


Que. – Sir , define yourself in three words.

Ans. – I am progressive, nature loving and open minded. Working everyday with new ideas and challenges is in my nature.

Que. _ From   an   information ,  I  came to know that you had been awarded “CHEERRY BLOSSOM AWARD” by government, how you felt?

Ans.- Cherry Blossom Award was awarded in Delhi on 26 January 1999 when I commanded India parade. It was an award given for best personality and best turnout .Luckily I was among those, I think all those were selected for such parade are equal but some of them are fortunate and I was fortunate enough to get that one. No one was less than other, so I must say that among all of them were few chosen, one among 40 lakh candidates in India, there were only 144.

Que. – What is the difference between your coaching and others?

Ans.- Well, the difference is quite apparent. First of all the culture that we follow is very different, The ethos of this institute is very different. My objective is not to just make students enable to enter in  defense sector but to make them enable to face challenges in their life, but to make them able to face interviews, but to make them able to be a better human resource. So, different is in qualitative terms ,it is quiet in the culture and ethos of our institute.

Que.- Here you give classes for NDA,SSB,SSC, Banking. How do you manage all of them?

Ans.- Well, let me tell you very clearly the basic purpose and the basic focus of our institute is on defense forces and paramilitary. We run courses for Army, Navy and Air force and other than that we run classes for CPF,A FCAT. Besides we also run classes for other exams like SSC and banks and for that basically subject special classes are there. There is no such batch, for example , if a person wants to prepare for banking then come and join us, can join English class, it is like subject wise.

Que.- What are the things that inspired you the most?

Ans.- I take inspiration from everything. I take inspiration from everyone like everyone is inspiring, whole world is inspiring. I take inspirations from good building, sunrise, sunset. I love nature, I love everything. I don’t hate anything, so everything is quiet inspiring to me.

Que.- How do you develop confidence and self-esteem in students?

Ans.- There are two things that makes a man. First of all self-dependent, if a person is self-dependent will be confident in opting challenges and for that he need education. So , a person get proper education, proper training, he will not be self-dependent but will be able to face all the challenges in life. It is education and training that makes a man.

Que. –  How your students are different from other institutes student?

Ans.- They are different in terms of seriousness, integrity and honesty. In terms of respect of the institute into those who they find related.

Que.- Which techniques do you follow to ensure active participation in students?

Ans.- First of all study should not be a monologue, it should be a dialogue. Next it should be exercised based like people should be involved. The moment you involve someone in doing something, he become serious like he becomes interested. I make my students practice very hard, providing sheets to them. I give responsibilities and assignments and I have seen they become more serious like one of my student Richa Singh, fulfilling her responsibilities, taking GD classes. I conduct dialogue with my students, I give them responsibility to make them more serious towards their participation.

And the importance of networking has always been noted for professional. But networking for students is as crucial. Networking is the ability to create, grow and navigate personal learning networks in safe, ethical and effective ways. So I think Young Skilled India would be a better platform to connect with students, teachers and experts and also it will create best way to show their skills.


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